I’m Vivian, the owner and designer of Paper and Rice Co. I've been a stationery enthusiast since childhood and I'm a proud Asian (Toishanese-Cantonese) creative! Being born and raised in Canada, I'm inspired by the memories, stories, and nostalgic recollection of my upbringing to create products in hopes of evoking an emotional connection from customers. I believe that by combining humour, creativity, and positivity, my products will help brighten their day or bring them closer to their loved ones. I strongly believe everyone has a story worth sharing and a moment worth celebrating.

The Inspiration

It began as an idea in 2015 when I realized the products in the stationery sections at most stores rarely cater to my East Asian Canadian identity and experience. Tired by the lack of diversity, I decided to make greeting cards and other paper goods that embrace the best of both cultures. I hope this will provide others with a sense of belonging and acceptance that our experiences are equally alike as it is different.

The Hope

If your heart feels full and your eyes are overflowing with tears or brings back a sense of nostalgia, then we at Paper and Rice Co. have fulfilled our mission.