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Paper and Rice Co.


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Every grain of rice.

We started Paper and Rice Co. to serve as a creative outlet that celebrates the East and Southeast Asian diasporic experiences, identities and stories through humour and design. Aiya, finally!


Spark a smile or a memory.

With bright colours, funny puns, and our secret ingredient, we hope our work brings you back to sentimental moments that are uniquely yours.

What's in a name?

Paper and rice.

Our name may be straightforward, but it's not without meaning! Like rice, we want our products to be a source of comfort ingrained with soul and culture. With the weight of paper, we aspire to be a space for your expressive thoughts and words. Paper and rice is thus the perfect couple. Let's nickname them Price (or maybe not).

Our Passion

We believe every moment, memory and story is worth sharing and celebrated.