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Duan Wu Festival Print

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Decorate your walls with one of our Asian festival print series!

Duan Wu Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival: a celebration that traces back many centuries to a respected patriot, poet and advisor to the King, Qu Yuan, but because he failed to pass a reform, he was exiled and later drowned himself on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. Locals were devastated and paddled around the river to find his body. They beat drums to ward off evil spirits, and threw lumps of rice to keep the fish away from eating his body. These familiar actions transitioned into traditions we see during Duan Wu Festival, such as beating drums at dragon boat and making zhongs (rice dumplinigs), which come in different size, shape and fillings depending on the region. In Cantonese, they are filled with salted egg yolk, Chinese sausage, chestnut, peanuts, mung beans, pork belly and dried shrimps. 

Duan Wu Festival Print
Duan Wu Festival Print Sale price$15.00 CAD